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Our Story

New Beginnings

On April 1st 2022 and after more than three decades, Nigel and Trish Nesbit sold the Springlands Veterinary Centre business to Pet Safe Haven Limited, a company owned by Jeremy and Angeline Forlong.

Jeremy has been a veterinarian at Springlands Veterinary Centre for five years. He and Angeline are passionate about their new business and are keen to preserve Springlands Vet as Marlborough’s only exclusively companion animal clinic while putting their own stamp on the business.

A word from Jeremy

"I graduated as a Veterinarian from Massey University in 2012. Angeline and I were married the following year and we now have two sons; Jayden and Noah. We moved to Blenheim in 2016 and I have worked at Springlands Veterinary Centre since 2017. I have always been passionate about the veterinary industry and the work that we are privileged to do. I love meeting clients and I am especially fond of the special relationships people form with their pets. Taking this next big step into clinic ownership in 2022 is an adventure we have been dreaming of for a long time. We are grateful for what has been built up over these last 30 years under the care of Nigel and Trish and we are excited to take Springlands Veterinary Centre into this next chapter."

Fond farewell and on to the future...

"We would like to say a huge thank you to all our customers for your support over the decades. With the challenges the past couple of years has brought us all, we really appreciate you all and have no doubt Jeremy and Angeline will hold the clinic in very good hands" -Nigel & Trish Nesbit

Now in 2023, all the staff you’ve come to know and love are still here and you can continue to rely on their friendly faces to look after you, offering the same service and support seven days a week. 


Jeremy & Angeline Forlong

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