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Laboratory Testing

Here at Springlands Vet Centre we are extensively equipped in our in-house laboratory. Often an animals illness requires further testing, such as blood tests, urine tests and even skin scrapes and smears.

We do comprehensive blood screening that can be performed very rapidly using our on-site Blood Analysis machine. Blood testing on the premises provides us with results within 20 minutes of a blood test being taken leading to a rapid diagnosis. Our blood machine allows prompt diagnosis and treatment of such conditions like kidney failure, liver failure, Cushings disease and diabetes.

We also use a refractometer, urinary dipsticks and a microscope for examination of urine sediment. They are used to measure things such as the urine concentration, the presence of bacteria and any other cells or crystals. Animals that are diabetic or have kidney problems are especially closely monitored with urine analysis.

Skin disease, particularly during the spring and summer months is very prevalent in dogs and cats. Swabs and smears are often taken from dogs and cats with skin and ear problems which can then be stained and examined here in our clinic. For example we would be looking for bacteria, yeast cells and parasites.

Occasionally, more specialised laboratory tests are required. For these, we choose to use the specialist animal health laboratory, Gribbles in Christchurch. The veterinary pathologists there offer individual and speedy results and guidance on more complicated cases.

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