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Surgery & Anaesthesia

Surgery on your pet is a worrying time. Springlands Veterinary Centre ensure the greatest care is always taken of your pet and each animal will have a dedicated vet and nurse for their operation. Although we are not able to allow you into the operating theatre with your pet, the details below will explain what happens while your pet is with us for day surgery.

Each animal has a full clinical examination by one of our veterinarians. If we have any additional concerns, we will always contact you as the owner. Your pet will then recieve their premedication and pain relief all before surgery.

We have a dedicated operating theatre enabling us to perform a wide range of surgical procedures under sterile conditions. Each patient requiring surgery has their own individual surgical instruments and drapes which is sterilised using an autocalve. We also have a separate non sterile room for "dirty" procedures such as dentals and abscesses which involve a high level of contamination. It is important that we maintain optimal sterility so therefore both the sterile and the non sterile rooms have their own seperate anaesthetic machines and monitoring equipment.

Each patient is individually monitored constantly during their anaesthetic by our team of qualified veterinary nurses. They monitor things such as your pets respiratory rate, heart rate and the depth of anaesthesia. Additionally a pulse oximeter is used which measures the heart rate and the actual amount of oxygen in the blood. Also an apalert (electronic respiratory monitor) is used which measures the rate at which your pet breathes.

Patients are further monitored throughout their recovery, during which additional pain relief is given as required. We have a dedicated veterinary nurse who remains in the hospital and recovery area and closely monitors each individual animal as they recover from their anaesthesia.

The upmost care is taken to ensure that our anaesthetic protocols are the safest possible for your pet. Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice or any concerns you may have.

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